smtp server

What types of payment do you accept?


We accept payments from all major credit, debit cards and other circuits; for instance:

American Express
Dutch Bangla Bank Mobile Banking
Bank Payment

You can also pay via Wire Transfer.

If you are in a European country and you purchase any service at SMTPBD via 2Checkout, it is necessary that your VAT is registered on VIES, as provided by applicable law […]

Why Hotmail’s SMTP Servers Aren’t for You

We know that Gmail’s SMTP server isn’t a great choice for email marketers. Its limit of 500 readers, its willingness to close accounts for a day that breach that limit, and its display of a free email system used by businesses all make it unreliable, clunky and unprofessional.

Hotmail is even worse.

Again, you can try it. The setup is relatively straightforward. The server address is, the port number is 587, and TLS/SSL is required. You’ll need your Hotmail password and email address, of course.

But that’s where […]