Fast SMTP server Hosting: Sending bulk emails or high volume emails presents unique challenges for businesses, ISPs and email hosting companies.

To accommodate high volume bulk email sending, SMTPBD provides several Unlimited SMTP options for mass emailing including Unlimited Bulk Email Service, smtp vps and cheap smtp servers.

SMTP Hosting Pricing

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SMTP Hosting is type of email hosting which allow users to send bulk emails with dedicated IP using their own domain.

Normal hosting providers don’t allow to send bulk emails and apply hourly limits on outgoing emails which create problems for high volume email senders. To combat that issue SMTPBD offer smtp server hosting which enable email hosting users to send mass emails with more speed without daily outgoing limits.

Unlimited BULK SMTP Hosting – (That Work Fast)

unlimited bulk smtp hosting

  • Free DKIM/Domain Keys Signing/rDNS Setup
  • SMTP Server Hosting with Dedicated IP with each account
  • Free Sender Policy Framework (SPF Setup)
  • Easy and Simple Integration with your application
  • IP rotation on demand
  • Send emails using Multiple IPs on demand
  • Send transactional emails and promotional emails.
  • Webmail Access to send and Read Emails
  • Create Multiple Email Addresses using Cpanel

Your Application, Our Unlimited SMTP Server Hosting

Unlike typical bulk email marketing services, our SMTP Hosting Service allow you send unlimited mass mails from your own bulk email sender software/script/application,crm, email client, outlook, sendblaster, interspire, mailwizz or a combination of different sources.

For distributions of several thousand to greater than 1 million email messages per month, our high volume dedicated SMTP Hosting services are highly scalable and affordable.

How to Send bulk emails using SMTP Server HOSTING?

We will give you smtp server credential to connect your software with our smtp hosting account to relay emails through our server. smtp hostname, smtp username, smtp password and smtp port number. You will also required to update MX records and some DNS changes in your domain before to start sending emails.

Why our Email Hosting Service for Bulk Mailing?

Many people ask this question whats the difference between you and other email service providers like gmail, hotmail, yahoo, aol and why buy from you. Some also ask that you provided cpanel account we can also get normal hosting account. We offer unlimited mass emails sending facility where as none of the above mentioned ISP’s i.e gmail smtp server, yahoo smtp server, aol smtp server and hotmail smtp server do not allow its users to send bulk emails.

Gmail smtp server: Gmail only allow 500 emails per day from one email account if you will try to send more emails your account will be blocked or suspended for 24 hours. So you should not try to use gmail as your smtp server.

Yahoo smtp Server: Yahoo only allow 500 emails sending per day so you can’t send more emails from your account. Due to that you should not use yahoo account as smtp server.

Hotmail smtp server: Hotmail only allow to send 100 emails per day so due to the limitations do not use hotmail as smtp server.

Godaddy Hosting: Godaddy allow 250 emails per day from normal hosting account to avoid spamming.

Blue Host: Blue host allow 150 emails per hour for hosting clients.

Hostgator: Hostgator allow 500 emails per hour for web hosting accounts.

So you could see non of them allow to send high volume bulk emails, Whereas our smtp hosting start from 5000 emails per hour to unlimited emails per hour. Yes thats true because our service is specially designed for bulk emails and our smtp hosting accounts are bulk email friendly. We have special settings for mass email servers to relay the high volume mass emails.

None of the above web hosting providers give dedicated ips with hosting accounts. Whereas our all smtp hosting services come with one dedicated ip and you can request for multiple IPs if you want by paying additional charges.

So mass mail servers smtp hosting services are different, reliable and affordable if you are planing to send bulk emails or if you are a big organization and has big clientele and you want to send daily large volume of emails then buy smtp hosting plans given below. You can create multiple email accounts and send unlimited emails without of fear to being blocked using our smtp hosting plans.

Please note you can use our service even if your domain is hosting else where all you need to do is just change your MX records in your domain or hosting DNS zone. So all the emails will start relaying from our smtp relay server.

  1. One Dedicated IP (free ip replacement if become blacklist once per month).
  2. Unlimited SMTP/POP3 account.
  3. Free rDNS, DKIM, SPF, DMARC Setup.
  4. Send your messages in both Text and HTML format.
  5. Your ISP won’t see that you are sending out bulk emails!
  6. All bulk emails will be relayed through our bulk email servers.
  7. Get emails delivered directly from your PC into your recipient’s mailbox without using your ISP’s e-mail server resources!
  8. Broadcast your bulk email marketing campaigns anytime from any location in the world.
  9. Port 25 of your ISP not required (not affected by port 25 blocking issues).
  10. No long term contracts.
  11. Reliability and 100% Bulk Email Friendly Guaranteed!
  12. Includes all phone, email, and chat technical support 24/7.
  13. No monthly limits!!
  14. Create multiple email addresses.
  15. Send Unlimited transactional emails with our Unlimited SMTP.
  16. Free Email Marketing Software.
  17. Free smtp server setup.

*Please read our Terms of Service as all of our services are non refundable and we don’t allow, spamming, hacking, scam, phishing emails transmission using our network.

How to Becoming SMTPBD Client

In accordance with our Zero Spam Tolerance Policy, Our bulk email service is a tightly regulated service. Clients are expected to responsibly manage ISP abuse reports and follow CAN-SPAM guidelines while sending bulk emails. In addition, SMTPBD researches potential clients and performs extensive due diligence to prevent abuse.

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