Are you a hotel’s marketing manager? And on a task to boost monthly sales of your hotel? Ok great in next 3 minutes you going to learn how to boost your hotel sales using email marketing and hopefully your hotel will be fully sold out in this season. Yes that’s great hotel marketing idea and hotel marketing strategy if you try.

How to do Hotel Marketing?

Many hotels around the world just post their available rooms on different big hotel booking portals and wait for sales/customers. It’s ok but guess what you are 100% dependent on the portal people can see you only if they will search hotel in your area. Is that enough? No its not you need to try some other ways to boost your sales and sell your rooms. Hope so you are thinking how it can be done. Let me tell you the secret the world is totally changed now you need to advertise your hotel using different marketing methods so that you could attract more guests. If someone try to approach them with good offer they definitely go for it.

That’s what you have to do. You need to encourage people to stay at your hotel, come out for holidays or visit your city and stay at your hotel on upcoming vacations. Yes sounds interesting right. Yes that’s possible. But you are thinking how?

Ok here is the secret that can change your hotel’s sales and reputation.

Hotel Marketing using Email Marketing:

Using email marketing you can send special offers to your old customers or to the people who may be visiting your city frequently or on vacations and may be looking to stay at hotel. So why not they stay at your hotel?

You need to send emails in high volume with your latest promotions and offers so that they look into the deals and make a plan to visit your city and stay at your hotel.

Step by Step Guide for Hotel Marketing using Email marketing:

To start doing email marketing for your hotel you need to have followings.

  1. Email Lists
  2. Get Design , Subject line and Content
  3. Email Marketing Account / Bulk SMTP Server
  • Email Lists: You need to build email list of your old customers and possible new customers. How to build email lists please google keyword: list building you will find so many ways to create your own email lists.
  • Get Design Campaign, Subject Line and Content: The next thing that you have to do is hire a nice design/web developer and ask him to design nice responsive email template. Also you need to call to action, attractive subject lines and good email content with no spammy words in it.
  • Email Marketing Account/ Bulk SMTP Server: The last thing you need is an email marketing account or email smtp server from an ESP. Its important because you need to send emails in bulk quantity that can only be done if you will have an email marketing account or your own dedicated smtp server. Nothing to worry that’s what we Mass Mail Servers offer. We are working since 2010 and currently serving 10000’s of individuals and companies around the world. With Mass Mail Servers you can send as many emails you want to unlimited subscribers at very affordable price with 24/7 support.

So if you really want to start increasing your hotel’s sales just try email marketing as marketing tool for your hotel and be in touch with old and upcoming customers. Send those new offers, Christmas greetings, birthday greetings etc… using our email marketing service choose one of the following plan and start doing it now.

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