SMTPBD MZ Sender (Web Based)

SMTPBD MZ Sender (Web Based) is a modern email marketing app with cutting edge enterprise level features and functionalities. It is now a leader among self-hosted email marketing app and it is now far ahead of its competitors like OEM Pro, Sendy, and Interspire.

SMTPBD MZ Sender (Web Based) Screenshots

SMTPBD MZ Sender (Web Based) is a complete package to start and manage your entire email marketing campaign and not required to keep run your computer. Its web based system.

Top 13 Key Features of SMTPBD MZ Sender (Web Based) :

SMTPBD MZ Sender (Web Based) Sender has so many features but some of the key features are as:

1. Multi Emali list  functionality – Create and Manage multiple email list. You can import and exports list as text, csv, sql,url​.

2. Blacklist lists – Create your own email blacklist to include subscribers that will never receive emails
from you and that will never be added to your email lists.

3. Suppression lists –  Create your own suppression lists where you can import email addresses that will never receive emails from you.
You will be able to select these lists to be used in various places, such as when sending a campaign.

4. Multiple Delivery Server Support- You can create multiple SMTP based delivery server and can add popular email delivery services like SMTPBD Server, Amazon SES and Mailgun etc. You can assign a particular  or multiple delivery server to a campaign..
5. Feedback loop servers- Feedback loop servers will help monitoring the abuse reports that subscribers do
and take proper action when it finds such reports.

6. Email box monitors- Email box monitors will help monitoring given email boxes and
take actions against subscribers based on the contents of the incoming emails.

7. Bounce Configuration- You can configure bounce processing to a specific delivery server and in the case of special delivery server types like SMTPBD Dedicated Server, Or VPS Server, Amazon SES and Mailgun etc. bounce processing features comes default. And its helps you to make your list clean and update.

8. Frontend  Dashboard- SMTPBD MZ Sender (Web Based)  An awesome feature of  dashboard is that  can see your all information at a glace.

9. Sending Domain Name- In SMTPBD MZ Sender (Web Based) you can have multiple sending domain name which allow you can configure your campaign using different domain names and avoid domain block. You can easily add multiple domain from panel.

10. Tracking Domain Name- Similar to sending domain name feature one can manage tracking domain name which means you can hide actual application URL with a different domain name i.e. tracking.yourdomain.tld.

11. Tracking Campaign Report-  You can see you sending campaign email open ratio with opened email ids also track their open geo location, bounce ration & much more.

12. Email Template-  You can create email drag and drop email template. Which is easy to create any template without any coding knowledge. You can also import and export your templates.

13. Miscellaneous Features-  import and export management, campaign management, email blacklisting features,  Email sending, bounce processing etc.

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