Are you a restaurant owner or may be marketing manager of a restaurant? If yes then you are a lucky person because in next 1 minute you gona learn how you can boost your restaurant sales in 2019.

Yes that’s possible if you do effective restaurant marketing.

No one know if you open a new restaurant. To let the people know about your restaurant you need to do some marketing. In old ages people were sending flyers in newspapers with the help of newspaper guy. But now the world is changed no one reading newspapers because they find all news and updates quickly online on their mobiles.

So now you have to adopt new techniques of marketing so that you can approach to the maximum people. Its now even more easy but it do require some work and tricks.

So are you ready to learn all this? Lets start.

Before to go how to do marketing you need to first get ready few things as followings.

  1. Your Restaurant Website with online order feature
  2. Your Restaurant Menu Should be ready
  3. Picture of each dish that you have in your menu
  4. Your Restaurant Logo in png or jpg format

2019’s Top 5 Best Killer Ideas for Restaurant Marketing! 

There are so many methods of restaurant marketing some of them are given below.

  1. Food Portals Listing
  2. Google Adds
  3. Social Media Listing
  4. SMS Marketing
  5. Email Marketing

Food Portals Listing:
Many Food portals and their apps available which offer customers to find best food nearby them. You need to find out what food portal is available in your region get listed with them without wasting time. Because they already have so many traffic or users which daily look for food and once your restaurant will be available on that portal you may start getting orders soon. But make sure you know how the orders work for that you need to contact that portal support team they can assist you with that.

Good Adds: Run some google adds in your targeted city with targeted keywords based on your dishes that you offer like. Fajita Pizza, Chicken Cheese Burger etc… Don’t forget to select search + display network adds that way your adds will not only be visible on search results but also be visible to people in your target location on google display network websites that can boost the sales. Please note its costly solution so just use this as short term marketing.

Social Media Listing: As you know everyone now has twitter or facebook or instagram accounts so you need to on these social websites so that people can follow you and can be link with you. It’s a slow and long term process to make more followers but that’s effective. Once they linked with you then you can send daily or weekly new deal offers to boost up your sales. Every one eat food 2-3 times a day so there is a high chance you can get recurring sales. The best way to do it is send them weekend offer buy one get one free like how Domino’s Pizza do they give Buy one get One free on every Wednesday.

SMS Marketing: Costly but effective way of marketing contact one of sms marketer in your city and ask them to help you to reach people live in your city. Try to get branded sms solution by that way people will see your restaurant name instead of number when they will get SMS. That will boost your reputation.

Email Marketing: The most effective and affordable way of marketing is email marketing. You need to send promotional emails to people live in your city or region where your restaurant is located. By doing this you can boost up your sales.

How to do Email Marketing for Restaurant?

You need to have followings before to start sending emails

  1. Email Design and Content
  2. Landing Page
  3. Email Lists
  4. Email Marketing Account



Email Design:
The first thing you need to do is hire a freelancer may be from or any other website and ask him to do responsive email design for your email campaign. It should be HTML coded with nice images and your logo and footer with your restaurant contact details. The more better it looks the more people will love to read it means the more will catch you.

Landing Page: The important element which is must require specially when you send bulk mails to unconfirmed list or non-optin lists. Landing page is page that will look like same as your website or may contain your food offer details. So who ever will get your email will click on any link that you will provide in your email will finally land to this page which will be your landing page. Never put your main website links in emails especially when you are sending emails to non-optin lists that can burn your restaurant main domain.

Email Lists: There are so many ways of list building for more details please google keyword “List Building”. You can also consult of live chat sales team we may be helpful for you.

Email Marketing Account: To start sending emails you need an email marketing account from an ESP which allows you to send emails to non-confirmed and non-optin lists at affordable price.

SMTPBD offering email marketing accounts, smtp servers and bulk mailing services since 2010 at very affordable prices. All of our plans come with list management, campaigns management and tracking features. We provide access to email marketing software from where you can login and start sending emails easily. You don’t need to keep your PC on while sending emails. For further details please discuss your requirements or questions with our live chat sales team staff available 24/7.

Our email marketing plans for Restaurants are given below.

Restaurant Marketing Plans







Per month







Per month

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