If you are a property owner or may be a real estate agent then you are right page right now. In next few minutes you gona learn how you can better market your properties online to boost your sales using email marketing.

How to do Real Estate Marketing?

People around the world now search for homes, apartments, shops, land via google. There are so many websites, directories, classified portals available that allow agents or property owners to list their properties. People search find and contact the agent or owner via phone. That’s how its working right now. But that’s not enough for good sales.

Some smart real estate agents or agencies do email marketing to improve their sales. Email Marketing can help you to send your property video, pictures with details to the people who might be interested or could be interested in your property. So one email can expose your property to millions of people who could be interested to buy. Email Marketing is cheap way of real estate marketing.

3 Insane 2019’s Tips for Real Estate Marketing

Many real estate companies, agents use online marketing mediums to advertise their properties online to boost up the sales some of the mediums are given below.

  1. Google Adds
  2. Social Sharing
  3. Email Marketing
  1. Google Adds: some companies run google adds for their products on google networks that help them to increase their sales. But they have to pay cost for it in terms of pay per click.
  1. Social Sharing: some agents share their properties on social networking websites i.e facebook, twitter, instagram etc… that help them to attract more people towards their properties.
  1. Email Marketing: Some Real Estate agents and companies do something special they do email marketing to promote their properties. They email the people in their area or to the investors and try to sell them the property. Email marketing is cost effect solution for promotion and we have seen with our existing and old client’s experiences made them successful in their businesses.

So would you like to advertise your properties via email marketing? Are you ready?

Step by Step Guide for Real Estate Email Marketing:

If you want to advertise your properties via email marketing you need to have following things to do so.

  • Email List
  • Email Template or Campaign Design
  • Landing Page
  • Email Marketing Account or SMTP server from an ESP

  • Email Lists: To start sending emails the main key element you need is email lists. You can find about how you can build your list by google using keyword: Listing Building
  • Subject Line and Content (Campaign Template): Same like how you get design your brochure or flyers for promotions physically you need nice email template design for your properties. You can use one design template and can change text, image of each property to use the same for all of your properties. Or you can have different design for each property whatever looks easy and cost effective for you. Make sure the content has no spammy words like free, coupon, discount, sale etc… You need to make the campaign design attractive with not more than one image in it. Don’t forget to follow can spam compliance while designing your campaigns.
  • Landing Page: When someone will get your email and after opening it if he/she will click on the links or images of your properties they should lead to a landing page. A landing page is a page where all of your clicking leads will arrive. Means if someone will click on any image or link they will see that landing page. Landing page method is very safe for bulk mail senders. Because if someone will complains against you only your landing page domain URL will be effected not your main company website.
  • Email Marketing Account: To do high volume mailing you need an email marketing account or a smtp server that can deliver your emails smoothly to your subscribers. Its known any company can’t have or collect so much big database until they use some additional sources or techniques of list building. If you have big email lists and you want to send them your properties promotions via email marketing. You are then at right place. Mass Mail Servers offer best cheap email marketing plans for real estate email marketing. Our all plans come with unlimited subscribers features so now you can upload as many contacts as you want. Our 24/7 support team will setup everything for you and you will be ready to start sending emails in less than 1 hour. All you need to do is just choose one of the email marketing plan listed below and start sending your email campaigns to unlimited subscribers today.

Please note: Email marketing is a type of marketing in which you send emails to people they see it, sometime they ignor sometime they contact the sender sometime not. So you can’t pay per email high fees for such service because its blind marketing and there is no guarantee that the person who read your email will definitely buy your property or service. So if you thinking to use any company like mailchimp, sendgrid, constantcontact that will be a bad idea. Also you need to understand all these big companies do not allow big email lists and in real estate business if you want to send any property or properties you need to contact whole city for it and which means you need to have big email lists of all the people living in that city.

Our Email Marketer includes everything you need to create, send and track professional HTML emails. It is fully-featured email marketing software which has been developed by marketing experts.

  • Follow up automatically using autoresponders.
  • Optimize your emails click thru rates with split testing.
  • Automate your list management with triggers.
  • Keep your lists clean and up to date with automated bounce processing.
  • See the complete activity of a lead with event logging.
  • Track bounces.
  • Track Open Rate and Users who opened emails.
  • Track Click Rate.
  • Track Unsubscribers.
  • Your emails will be delivered using our multiple SMTP servers with multiple IPs for better and fast delivery rate.

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