Retail marketing is the marketing technique using which retailers can promote, create awareness and interest of their goods and services that can help to generate more sales from their consumers.

If you are a Retailer then in next 5 minutes you are going to learn the secret of retailer marketing that will help you to boost up your sales amazingly!

5 Ideas of Retail Marketing – That Work Fast!

There are so many marketing methods or ways that use retailers to promote their goods and services top 5 of them are listed below.

  1. Google Adds or PPC
  2. Social Media Posting
  3. SMS Marketing
  4. SEO
  5. Email Marketing

Google Adds or PPC: The quick but expensive method is Google Adds, retailers signup with Google Adds account and create their campaigns, set daily budget, choose keywords that they want to use to show their adds on google and run the campaign. But it’s not that easy you need to be professional in Google Adds or PPC campaigns. Because some wrong settings can suck your budget quickly. Also you need to pay x amount of money on each click that you will get from google. And sometime it can cost you even 10$ or more per click if your targeted keyword has great value. So it’s good for startup just to create little brand awareness but it can’t help in long run and not worthy in terms of sales in return.

Social Media Posting: Now everyone is online on social networks websites which is great thing you can easily approach the people but guess what it’s not that easy. Many Retailers market their products and services on social media websites using postings, tweets etc… But it’s a time taking job and it can’t be successful until you have big number of followers and friends.

SMS Marketing: You can also run a SMS campaign in your city or town. And can attract people to buy your goods and services but guess what you need to have a database of phone numbers and then you have to pay for each SMS the fee. So if you are going to send 100K people it may require 750$ to that approximately may be little cheaper or expensive in your region. And you need to hire anyone to do that so the cost will be double as well as you will not be sure they sent or not and did they really sent to 100K?

SEO: That’s also worthy method of marketing. In which you optimize your website or product page and try to pull up on google’s number 1 page with targeted keywords. But it’s not that much simple and it could take months to be on top and lots of efforts and technical skills required to do so. Which is may be not possible for you and if you will go for a SEO company they may charge you very high fee in start and then a big recurring amount.

Email Marketing: The most effective and cheap retail marketing technique or retail marketing method is an email marketing. Email marketing can help you to boost your retail sales of your goods and services amazingly in matter of hours or days. All you have to do is send more and more emails to as many as possible subscribers or people those could be interested in your products or services.

How to Start Retail Email Marketing?

To start promoting your products and services using email marketing is very simple but you need to have few things first before to do that.

  1. Email Lists
  2. Good Email Design , Content and Subject Line
  3. Email Marketing Account/ SMTP Server for bulk mailing
  1. Email Lists: First you need to build your list there are so many methods to do that. You can google List Building and find out how to do that. Or contact our live chat sales team we can help you to do that easily.
  2. Email Design: The better it look the more people will read it. If your email is not eye catchy you may not get more sales. You need to make sure when someone open your emails they love it and once they love it they will read it. Your content needs to be attractive call to action and to the point. Make sure your content doesn’t have any spammy words. Make some nice attractive subject lines so that when someone get your email he/she should open it.
  3. Email Marketing Account: The important part is email marketing account you need to have an email marketing account from an ESP which allow you to send so many emails at affordable price.

SMTPBD offer unlimited emails sending to unlimited subscribers at affordable price. You can check our email marketing plans given below. We are working since 2013 and serving 15000+’s of clients around the world. We have 24/7 support team available for your help so you are not alone if anything goes wrong or you are going to have any questions or issues our team will be available to help you out quickly.

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