Are you a travel agent? Or marketing manager of a travel agency? If yes then you are going to find best way shortly to boost your sales. Yes that’s true.

How to do Travel Marketing?

Many travel companies around the world use multiple methods of travel marketing to advertise their tour packages. Big companies just hire travel marketing companies. Some of them use google adwords to promote their plans and packages but that’s a costly method because on each click you have to pay amount. Sometime keywords cost very high so for single click you may have to pay 10$ or 16$ might be. Isn’t expensive? Because there is no guarantee that the one who clicked on your banner or search result will definitely go with your packages. Some companies advertise on Social Media websites using paid adds again that’s costly method and burn all the funds quickly and sometime people get 0 sales out of it. But the method that you gona find here is amazing which is cost effective and worthy and that really works. Its best travel marketing 2019 method that really work fast.

Would you like to know that secret method of travel marketing?

Travel Marketing Top No 1 Method is Email Marketing:

The email marketing is the best way to advertise your travel tourism packages. You can send promotional emails to your subscribers or your email lists. This will help you to boost your sales yes it is. Please keep in mind the more emails you send the more chances to boost your sales.

Now question is how you can start doing email marketing? So here we have a 3 step guide for you that will help you to start doing it yourself now.

Step by Step Guide to Start Email Marketing for Travel Agency:

To start sending your promotions via email you need to have following elements.

  • Good and Clean Email Lists
  • Email Design including nice subject line and content without spam words
  • Email Marketing Account from and ESP
  • Good and Clean Email Lists: Before to start sending emails you need to make sure you have a valid email lists of as many as possible people who can be your customers. So you need a targeted email lists that contain people who live in your city, state or in your country to whom you can sell your packages. If you don’t have any email lists please click here lets discuss.
  • Email Design (Subject Line and Content): The second important element of email marketing is nice email design with nice and attractive subject line and content that appeal. The better and attractive design the better you can engage with your subscribers. Good and attractive call to action subject line can bring more opens and nice content which has no spam words can change the whole game and can be helpful for high rate of inbox landing.

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