If you are going to send bulk emails or mass emails you need to make sure your email lists are cleaned and you have nice email design and a bulk email server.

  1. Email Design
  2. Good Email Content and Subject Lines
  3. Email Lists
  4. Bulk Email Service
  • Email Design: The first thing you need is nice attractive email template design. So that it looks attractive to people when they will open your emails. The more attractive it will be the more better open rate you will get. But please avoid using too many colors try to follow theme of your website or company while designing the email template. And make sure your email design is responsive because a big number of people read emails on mobile.
  • Email Content and Subject Lines: Good email content and subject lines can help to improve inbox landing and delivery rate. Bad subject lines with spam words can cause to land in spam or get ignored by receivers. You need to use attractive call to action subject lines. Your content should also be precise and to the point. Do not use big images in email, one image with one link is enough. Avoid sending spam words i.e offers, sale, discount, coupon, test etc…
  • Email Lists: You need nice cleaned email lists or double optin so that you don’t have to face blacklisting issue and wont get spam complains. The more better and clean email lists you will have the more better delivery rate and open rate you will get. Purchased email lists always have IP blacklisting issues and so many complains that can burn your business or bulk smtp server. If you will get too many complains your bulk email service provider may terminate you.
  • Bulk Email Service:  You need a bulk email service account or mass email service from a bulk email service provider. So that you could send unlimited emails easily without daily email sending limits. Like for example if you will use gmail smtp server to send bulk emails. You can only send 500 emails per day. After that your gmail account will be either suspended or you will get errors.

So you need a bulk email hosting account from a bulk email server provider so that you can send unlimited bulk emails to unlimited subscribers at affordable price.

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How to send bulk emails in free?

Answer: You cant send bulk emails in free. So many companies saying free smtp, free bulk email service, free smtp server, free bulk email sending etc… but all are false statements. Bulk means in big quantity so 1000 free emails, 6600 free emails per month, 10000 free emails or even 20000 free emails per month you think are good enough for bulk mailing?

No its not is there anyone who can give you to send 100K emails free per day or allow to send 1 million emails free per day? No you cant find so all of them just giving you test account not exactly free service. They want you to test the service and once you get addict then pay them high fees to send bulk emails.

How to send bulk emails using gmail?

Answer: Please note gmail smtp server is not for bulk mailing purpose. And gmail do not allow spamming or bulk mailing using gmail smtp servers. So you can’t send high volume bulk emails from gmail account. But yes gmail has bulk email feature which means you can send one email to 10, 20, 100 or maximum 500 people at once. But keep in mind using gmail you can send more than 500 emails per day.

Bulk Email Tips:

Once you have your email design, email lists ready and a bulk smtp server to send campaigns. Now you need to take care of the following tips before and while sending your bulk email campaigns.

  1. Do not send emails to purchased lists
  2. Make sure your email lists are shuffled it has all the email addresses mixed, yahoo, gmail, aol, b2b etc…
  3. Do not send spammy words in subject line i.e coupon, discount, free, Test, Trail, Sale, Offer etc…
  4. Try to use Call to Action word in subject line
  5. Use personlize words in email body
  6. Try to rotate your email content using spinning the content technique.
  7. Do not send big single image based emails
  8. Try to use minimum 1 image and 1 hyperlink in the email
  9. Do not use or link your main website url in email
  10. Put your landing page URL in your email content
  11. Do not try to send emails with too high speed you will be blocked quickly
  12. Make sure your email has unsubscribe link visible and working.
  13. Keep eye on your sender email inbox some people reply back as complain or with interest in that case you should be able to reply back.
  14. Send emails early in the morning so that when people get to work they see your email on top.
  15. Do not send professional services emails on weekends. People love to enjoy not to work on weekend.
  16. Do not send Attachment Emails
  17. Setup feedback loop with major ESP’s i.e gmail, hotmail, aol, comcast, yahoo etc…